By using OPIZO Shortening Service , you can earn money online by shortening the long URLs OR TEXTs and share it by everyone.


All kinds

How can shrink a link or TEXT?

Shrinking is easy. Use the box on the top of each opizo.com home page to shrink any URLs or TEXTs. In return you will get a opizo link that allows you to earn money when you share it with other people (you need to register an account by clicking here to be able to earn)

How Requesting payments  ?

Requesting your payments is fast and easy. Once your opizo account balance reaches the minimum of $10.00, you can request your payment and it will be sent to your Paypal account or Webmone wallet within 4-7 business days

How Many Click are counted from same IPs per day ?

The links will always work for the visitor, however you will get paid for the first 5 clicks from one visitor.